About The Booth

What is the World’s Funnest Photo Booth?

The Worlds Funnest Photo Booth is a green screen photo booth which will take picture of people riding something amazing.

Dimensions: The Booth is 10′ by 10′ With a 50″ monitor that sits on the side of the booth.

How they get their photos: Seconds after the photo is taken the pictures will print out.

Social Media Sharing: Immediately after the photos print we will email or text the photos to the participants so they can share the photos on social media.

Backgrounds: There are 10 different backgrounds (things to ride) for participants choose from. Although we can limit the options the participants to have to choose from.

Background Options: Below are the backgrounds we currently have available. We can make custom backgrounds for an additional fee.

Below are pictures of what the photo booth looks like set up

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